MCA at Work!

Welcome to MCA at Work! In response to the global challenge we have all faced in recent months, we endeavour to bring you a refreshed and uplifting optimistic view with our updates. Listen to ever-evolving Monday Innovation team meets, led by our Founder, Pat Murphy, read about the country we visit each week for an up-to-date review of the situation, and consult our production tracker as countries increasingly open up for shoots. Enjoy!

Advertising Production Consultancy in UK

MCA Innovation Interviews

Each Monday we meet with the industry’s best to discuss how they have embraced new, innovative ways of working. We also speak to our live consultants within markets to provide us a specific update on their approach to resuming work in their markets. Our Podcast is delivered weekly in a short 30-minute format for listening at your leisure.

Advertising and Marketing Production terminology


As our markets open up for business, we provide reports on specific markets in our global reach. Our on-the-ground consultants share their experiences in our updates. You can also see a comparison between the cost of production within their country to other markets. Further comparisons can be made through our Control Room Index on our Technology Page.

Advertising Production Consultancy in UK

Production Tracker

Our team pursues a more detailed view of the travel situation into country and within country, local situations and shooting requirements per market. This tracker is updated real-time and covers over 50 markets across the globe.