About This Project

About this Project


MCA was brought in to support a family favourite household goods brand from the US market, at an early stage to deliver a wide range of assets including a TVC.





As per usual for our client, we keen to ensure the integrity of the creative output was maximised through driving a much investment as possible to be in front of the camera so we worked closely with the marketing and agency team to consider different shooting locations and competitively bidding at a time when Covid restrictions were limiting options across the globe. We looked at Argentina and South Africa as shoot locations, with SA being a preferred choice for both the agency and the bottom line. Therefore, with the support of our local South Africian consultant we worked hard to negotiate the overall costs, including usage costs which were optimised.





A fantastic and engaging ad which the client was delighted with and a  sizable saving delivered

Total cost: 430k  USD

Total savings: 65k USD

Percentage: 13%

TV Production-South Africa