About This Project


MCA consulted on a commercial in Turkey for a cookie brand that ended up being a two-day shoot for TV and digital. Although a challenging one, MCA helped to keep it in check and two days were enough for the whole shoot.



MCA took it on at mid-engagement, and at pre-bid recommended that the agency seek quotes from low-cost centres such as Egypt, Serbia, Romania, etc directly for more cost-competitive options to avoid a double service markup from production houses. It was also suggested that given the budget, a long two-day shoot should be considered instead of three days. Unfortunately, none of the initial bids presented reflected MCA’s suggested options.

1st & 2nd round quote submissions were almost 40% over the budget allocated by the brand team.
This further indicated that in order to meet the budget, the three-day shoot needed to be reduced to two as originally proposed by MCA, which we believed was still a viable option.

After several rounds of discussions and negotiations with the agency and preferred production house in streamlining the production approach, MCA managed to convince all players that the copy could be produced within the two-day shoot timeframe without compromising on the quality. This resulted in a cost-saving of over $100K and delivering the copy under budget.


The outcome was wonderful for all as a cost avoidance of a 3rd-day shoot resulted in savings of 32% from 1st cost to final cost @ ROI 21.


Downsizing a Turkish shoot without losing quality, plus ROI

Turkey- TV & Digital