About This Project


We used MCA’s experience and contacts to pursue all possible options with a view to delivering the most cost-efficient solutions without compromising quality.

The brief was to shoot Colombian rock band Choquibtown in Miami where they live along with local influencers in Bogotá. This would have been a full two-day shoot (one in Miami and one in Bogota). However, the company was looking for the optimal way to manage the project whilst bringing down costs.



MCA recommended to shoot the whole production in one day in Miami, flying in the influencers from Colombia. So, we used one production company for the shoot in Miami with local support, sharing mark up and fees.

This brought the cost down from a two-day shoot to one day. Also, the production company confirmed a half day shoot in Bogota for the one influencer who could not travel, and the use of a specific location in Columbia. This minimized risk and add-ons.


The final budget approved for the campaign was $720,000,000 COP

By careful production design and cost management, MCA was able to save over $183,000,000 COP with a total savings of 19.8% before add-ons.

And 19.45% savings after add-ons. A great success for a quite creative production design!



An entertaining drink shoot for Columbia

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