About This Project



A TV and social media campaign for a Greek beer, celebrating life’s emotional moments. This commercial was shot in Greece, accompanied by the soundtrack of a well-known pop/rock singer. It involved a series of real-life people going through intense moments in their daily lives; the ones that make human bonds even stronger.


MCA’s involvement with this project began with a tender between three Greek production houses.  Although at first MCA had strong reservations when hearing the budget allotted for the project versus the storyboard presented by the agency; however, the constant collaboration of all parties involved aided in reaching a positive conclusion. Negotiations began between MCA, the PH, and the client to optimise the script in the best possible way so that quality wasn’t jeopardised, but the budget was kept in balance. This meant merging or removing scenes deemed unnecessary without undermining strategy. After many fruitful discussions with the group, the TVC plus the rest of the campaign (digital and a TVC for a nonalcoholic beer) were shot with utmost success. MCA was close to the team, consulting, the whole time.



All parties came out of the experience extremely pleased, especially procurement. We managed to include all the original expectations of the campaign which would have been otherwise unobtainable; showing a total value saved of 8% beyond the estimated budget and 5% in total savings.  The campaign was successful, procurement more than happy, and there was great applause for everyone at the end.


Greece optimising production design

1 x 60" TVC, 1 x 30" TVC

TV & Digital- Greece
Greece optimising production design