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MCA came together with the client and agency after the approval of the board to manage
The Egyptian team when the creative concepts had already been approved by the Brand Team. No production budget had been given to the Agency, but the shooting concept required over two minutes of footage to execute two different copies that played off each other to deliver and tie the campaign message together.


As there wasn’t a preliminary budget, based on the initial shooting concept, MCA provided a ballpark figure on which to base the final budget. The Brand Team however reverted with an initial budget that was much lower than the ballpark. the first PH quote that was received was double the initial budget, so MCA worked with the Brand Team on a more feasible one that was needed to deliver all requirements. Then came time for a Production Re-Design. Based on the revised budget which was still lower than the initial ballpark. MCA collaborated with the Agency and Director with an entirely new production approach and optimising key production areas, particularly the postproduction, CGI elements, shoot location, travel, and reduction of shoot days. This resulted in a revised treatment and shooting script that came close to revised budget, without compromising on the campaign’s creative integrity and output.


In collaborating with the Agency and Director, MCA was able to deliver a significant saving of 36% on 1st round submission vs re-designed final cost


Reforming a budget to fit project needs

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Reforming a budget to fit project needs