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About This Project

MCA were asked to consult on an integrated campaign for a global homeware giant.  They were looking for maximum control over their fully integrated campaign featuring all areas of the marketing communication mix, without compromising their stellar creative standards.

MCA’s TV production consultant worked closely with the creative agency, ensuring maximum opportunity for MCA to help design, identify and deliver value across the entire production process. All negotiations with both agency and winning production company were, as usual, highly collaborative rather than confrontational, ensuring all third-party suppliers worked harmoniously to deliver for the client


Initial agency thinking involved a winter shoot in Buenos Aires. However, MCA’s consultant advised that in Argentina winter weather is unreliable – increasing the necessity of procuring weather-day insurance with the potential of adding another 20% to final costs.  We recommended a location-switch to Johannesburg reducing production company costs by 10%. In addition, MCA’s advice to consider a composed track instead of paying high license fees, removed an additional 5% from the final budget


For TV, a total of 14% of spend addressed was saved from first to final estimate, but the move to South Africa added other costs, so the net saving was 10%.  These savings were achieved on what turned out to be a multi-Gold award winning commercial at the BTV Craft Awards in 2014, indicating that diligent cost efficiency can be achieved without detriment to the quality of the creative output.

On digital, using stills from the TVC shoot, content was produced for different consumer scenarios, which then encouraged consumers to explore products. MCA advised on the web build from start to finish and were able for save 40% from original costs.

Multi gold-award winning campaign

TVC and digital campaign consisting of 1 x 60" TVC with 1 x 30" and 1 x 1" cut-down

Integrated Production Consulting