What Is Periscope?

What Is Periscope?


Periscope is a live video streaming social media app that lets you broadcast to your followers who can comment on what you’re doing or viewing – and send you hearts, too. The hearts flutter higher on the screen, the more you receive.

Last month, Periscope the reached 10 million accounts mark – and about 50% of those accounts belong to people who are aged 18-34. There’s your audience, right there. Registered and ready to be entertained.

If you want to play a game with your friend who’s on a WiFi-enabled flight – you can! If you want to interact with friends at a party you can’t attend in Madrid – you can! And Periscope have just added a global live map to the app


Whereas Snapchat is just 10 seconds of storytelling, Periscope’s live video stream is perfect for entertaining your followers and neither Snapchat or Vine are real-time, as Periscope is.

Of course, there are a few UX flaws that Periscope will fix – you can’t fast forward or rewind the replays and if you drop off a live stream because of a bug that needs fixing, you have to go back to the beginning, you can’t pick up where you dropped off. But these are fixes that will come in time – the real-time aspect and the ability to comment/interact live are the really exciting aspects of Periscope – for both consumers, and for brands.

Download Periscope today, and begin experimenting in real-time – you’ll know what works from the real-time comments and interactions you receive.


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