Bulgaria is a well kept production secret

Bulgaria is a well kept production secret

So why I am doing a review of Bulgarian production???

Along with Romania, it came up as being the most cost effective places in Europe to shoot and post produce on our MCA production Index. However there have always been questions around the quality of talent, creative capabilities, the crewing, locations, talent, access to equipment, music and other creative disciplines such as costume and production design and music. Can Bulgaria compare with other well known Eastern European production centres such as Prague and Budapest?

I am doing a full review of this great country, and what is on offer for clients wanting to make their budgets go further, and how it compares to other countries around the world. Frankly its opened my eyes, and I have been truly pleasantly surprised by this amazing place, with amazing people.

Find here some incredible photos of some of the backlot sets and if you wish to have a copy of my final report, please email me at pat@murphycobb.com and it’ll be ready in a few weeks.

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