About This Project



Working with this FMCG was an intense marketing challenge that resulted in a very successful solution for all involved. Many ambitious targets were set from the beginning of the project which included strong growth, with increased investment that targeted in delivering through abundant productivity. Marketing excellence had to be achieved and the main objective was to connect to people through new platforms creating deep connections so that they could achieve the highest performance.


MCA together with the client leadership team decided to design a new eco-system and to deliver change from within this already high-end corporation. The changing marketing landscape was illuminated, and the team delivered key internal and external insights to help shape the future. A new team of talent was also embedded within the already excellent marketing group to support the new eco-system. The new ecosystem was looked at with all departments having one vision and through synergising leading to purpose-led marketing; something they always strives for.

The outcome can only be expressed through an encouraging quote:

“Blown away……
The MCA team has been central to the development and success of the huge global transformation project we are undertaking. It’s controlled disruption, a revolution not evolution and we could not have done it without them. I trust them implicitly and see them as part of our team….”


An intense marketing challenge resulting in a very successful solution

Marketing Transformation