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A major drink company in China has a unique case where a Key Visual had inspired the creative agency to develop a TV script, which the Indian market was keen to develop too. The brief to MCA was to find similarities between the key visual and TVC production and produce them together to maximize costs. MCA and the agency collaborated with this plan, and during the negotiations and planning, the brand team decided to drop the TV production and retain the key visual to focus on brand and minimize cost. Midway through the project, the budget was then reappraised.


With the amended campaign confirmed, MCA was given a revised budget of 800,000 RMB (125,590 USD). MCA then engaged in a pre-bid meeting. They reviewed all the photographers that were shortlisted while negotiating all bids to be at their best value. While MCA disagreed with the agency’s recommendation of using a foreign photographer, there was limited time to push for a new shortlist that reflected local photographers. Thus, MCA compromised by negotiating with the current bids, and in the end, awarded the job to a foreign photographer.


MCA had dynamically negotiated on all competitive quotations to be at best value, prior to submission to the brand team. MCA finally negotiated a total of 329,624 RMB(51,753 USD) less than the original budget.
Total savings delivered reached almost 30.3% off the initial bid.


Print Campaign
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