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About This Project

A well-known global hotel group was seeking a re-organization of their entire marketing production and creativity; as part of this, they needed to implement a workflow and digital asset management system to organize and control the use and quality of assets globally. 

MCA were engaged to investigate the internal processes of this group, define requirements and execute an RFP to find the right agency for their needs, implement the selected DAM and workflow process and manage the roll-out to circa 550 hotels worldwide, operating best practice.


MCA conducted an in-depth internal audit of the global landscape identifying gaps in local and global competencies that were limiting the control of marketing assets.  After conducting an RFP, over the period of 10 weeks with key stakeholder interviews, MCA advised on the best agency selection.  Once defined, MCA managed the implementation of the DAM and workflow system over the following 38 weeks, delivered on time and on budget.


A bespoke workflow and asset management system was implemented to act as a centralized global-to-local supplier for marketing.  The local clients were empowered to make marketing communication decisions on brand, and high quality, consistent, cost-effective communication. This solution gave the global brand team visibility of all marketing materials being produced around the world and a global footprint of Account Managers that mirrored the structure of their group.

Creating order out of chaos

Research, evaluate, and implement a global asset management and workflow solution across all levels of marketing

Marketing Transformation