About This Project

Our globally-recognised audio electronics client brought MCA into this Social OLV project at the point in which treatments and bids from production houses and directors were being considered. Three very strong director treatments and slightly inflated costs were available for us to review and advise on.


– Our consultant engaged with the agency producer in North America, on analysing all the bids against budget and selecting the winning bid, chosen on both creative strength and relative costs compared to the others submitted.
– As the selected PH was still over the allocated budget, we worked directly with the producer and PH, line by line, on their costing to reduce and rework how the cost was structured, remove unnecessary items, reduce inflated costs and re-position the overall structure of the costing to benefit the client’s project bottom line; without destroying any creative integrity or delaying any of the project timelines.
– MCA also supported the route of creating bespoke music for the campaign, as a great way to avoid wastage on publishing and master costs – bonus outcome is the unique sound design asset for the brand.


MCA successfully worked in partnership with the Agency Producer, negotiated costs whilst maintaining the creative integrity of the came and even managed to save costs against budget.
We achieved a reduction of 11.4% on the original costing supplied by agency & PH, which was roughly 3.5% under the allocated client budget for the project.

North America: Full Engagement

1 x Original OLV (1x30”, 2x15”, 4x6”) + 2 x key visuals

Digital Production