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About This Project

One of Europe’s leading beer brands was aiming to launch a campaign in France for their non-alcoholic beverage. MCA engaged at the pre-bid stage and were fully involved in the process to ensure costs were mitigated while maintaining the quality of work expected by the client.

Overall, there was a great collaboration with both marketing and the agency. As MCA went through a triple bid process, two of the bids were over budget and were left with one where we asked for the treatment to be revised in order to reassure the marketing team.
MCA achieved significant savings by reducing shoot days from 3 to 2 and addressing the pouring shots. The agency asked to look into a brand new roster where MCA suggested a film production company that were perfect for shooting in RSA, allowing MCA to manage the production at the same time as the main production.

MCA was successful in securing a 19% saving from the initial total and reduced the time required to produce the deliverables without any compromise to the quality of work.

France: Full Engagement

1 x TVC 30”, 1 x TVC 15”, 2 x OLV 15”

TV & Digital - France