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About This Project

This project was briefed by a long-standing multi-national consumer goods client, aimed at the new generation of homemakers. At this point the client had an exclusive arrangement with one particular digital agency. It meant options for alternative solutions were thin on the ground. The brand team asked MCA to challenge the costs and the approach. MCA’s solution was radical.


MCA persuaded the client to triple bid the project and themselves acted as Executive Producer, in partnership with Facebook’s production team. Costs were reduced by nearly 50%. 10 videos, shot in Los Angeles, with real people, who were, mainly, street cast to keep the usage costs low. The final finished videos are still on the brand’s Facebook page today. 


Total value for this client showed savings of over 50% of their original budget, a better approach with more options for the client to consider, and an improved way of working for their future digital output.

Executive Digital Production transition

Transition from “conventional” media to multi-faceted digital media to deliver high value on lower budgets and maintains production quality

Digital Production