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  • Advertising Production Consultancy in US
  • Production Design in UK

About This Project

This Asian client of a global drinks brand, based in Thailand, engaged MCA at bid/treatment review to consult on a campaign developed by their Manila-based brand agency for the Saudi Arabian market.


MCA immediately flagged the excessive costs proposed prior to entering into initial negotiations.  With a production budget of $250K, two post houses (one in the Middle East and one in Manila) had already been briefed.  Post-production was planned in Thailand. Based on director treatment, the brand agency had a strong preference for one particular director, shooting in Dubai/Beirut.


We believed the client’s best interest would be served by a complete production re-design. There was no compelling justification to film in the ME; subsequently production partners were sought in Asia, immediately reducing need for travel with lower shooting costs. MCA also recommended a consolidation of suppliers, remote post supervision, and negotiation of a post-production package deal to manage costs for additional market adapts planned. MCA’s recommendations delivered a total saving of 55% on 1st round submission vs. re-designed final cost.

Value Solutions beyond cost-controlling

1 x 30s + 1 x 15s cut-down TVC + Digital, KV, BTS for Saudi Arabia

Value Solutions- MEA