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About This Project

The brief from this FMCG client was for an ‘always on’ project to produce multiple deliverables for use throughout the year, for their child nutrition brand, fronted by a Thai-known celebrity. The brief revised a number of times as we went along the engagement period and 5 markets were also added on with 3 extra boards.

MCA was engaged at pre-bid stage, which due to timing and budget, rapidly moved through the three rounds (with 14-15 cost versions) of the bidding process to select the final Production House who could work most capably with the Director, as COVID19 was becoming progressively intense. Due to challenges with the marketing budget, MCA worked with the agency to reduce the shoots days, limit the boards produced and explored talent and edit versions. As COVID19 was intensifying, dates were pushed and MCA reacted with detailed examination of all costs and plans submitted, including a contingency shoot in studio. Within the current climate and challenges that come with having a celebrity, the final cost was of strong value especially with the offer of high calibre key personnel from the Director down to Audio House and Editor.
MCA was leading the discussion in risk mitigation, which was a big concern for the Brand team. MCA restructured the PH’s original cancellation fees, due to the cost having to be split to manage shoot timings as well as associated risks such as postponement and cancellation. There were 3 main scenarios worked out with 4 potential points of cancellation and MCA reflected the estimated fees with the negotiated %.

When MCA was engaged on 4th March, the COVID19 situation was becoming unstable and unpredictable. MCA went on to work with the agency for necessary precautions that needed to be taken during PPM and shoot on set. The interim in-studio shoot went ahead and the shoot for the final board wrapped in August. Despite the challenges, we were able to work collaboratively with the agency and demonstrate a 34% savings on original budget.

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