About This Project

As MCA gain more and more global clients, we found an opportunity to expand our technology tool-set to increase transparency across all advertising production spend with our global household and consumer product client. Our client was asking us to help them identify where, what, and how much is spent and with whom.


In the early stages, we realized we needed to develop a secure, simple tool which would provide our clients insights for which they could take valuable action.  We knew we had two audiences in each client organization – Procurement for visibility of spend and Marketing to controltheir budgets and reallocate savings for more impactful communication.  The only way to do this was to make sure ALL suppliers engaged with the brands, whether we worked with them in another capacity or not.  In essence, this system has replaced the agency estimate process.


In the first year, we were able to identify and capture all spend across our inaugural clients’ agency network.  This provided them visibility for the first time in the history of their account.   In the second year, we had captured all spend, rolled out the system to all brands and agency suppliers and were able to provide budget and bid analysis across all their campaigns.

As a licensed product for a small percentage of client production spend, this client was able to see dramatic savings in their production, valuable insights and benchmarking and clear visibility of their hard-working marketing dollars, for all divisions in all regions.

Global visibility of investment


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