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About This Project

MCA was engaged at Mid Engagement. This was a global project created for WORLD CLEANUP DAY with huge expectations from the client. Four post houses had already been briefed and the project was over budget. Given the scope, we were also working against an extremely stretched budget that proved a challenge.


Two post-houses were near the indicated budget and extremely keen to be involved in the project. MCA advised working with them as they had already worked extensively with the brand team and agency on other projects. As production was further complicated with the addition of the DIY video and additional shoot sequence for the different regions and different master pack shots, extensive rounds of negotiations with both PHs were necessary. MCA was able to negotiate one of them down to include the DIY video + additional shoot sequence in the main cost, capturing a cost avoidance.


With negotiation on the deliverable for the shoot, we were able to show 17.8% savings on the original budget with additional cost avoidance due to consolidation of the project that meant the client saw savings of 23.9% on the project.

India: Mid-Engagement

1 x 90s Master + 1 x Cut Down, 25 regional language adapts + 1 x Cut Down respectively, 1 x DIY video, KV, Global airing rights – cross media

TV Production - India