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About This Project

MCA were retained to consult on a high-budget challenging TVC for this well known alcoholic beverages company. Whilst the competition bid was primarily between two production companies, their approaches were completely different between drama and comedy. Both bids and companies needed to be thoroughly interrogated without affecting the creative treatments.


The first bid was substantially higher than the competition so we had them modify their approach and reduce the number of shoot days before interrogating their bid in detail. Bids were forensically reviewed line by line, suggesting reductions that could be made without affecting their creative treatment. Rescheduling travel, production re-design, reduced complexity and post production efficiencies drove costs down for the client. On the shoot inclement weather on the mountain meant that it was necessary to go back after the studio days to re-shoot.


With strong collaboration with the agency and despite inclement weather of the shoot, we were able to reduce overall costs by 25% on the original budget. Cost avoidance and added value, had they been accepted would have shown 30% savings

Mid-Engagement High Budget TVC

1 x 60s, 2 x 30s ; location and studio

TV Production - UK