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About This Project

MCA were asked to collaborate on a campaign for a global confectionary company that, apart from a mainstream TV shoot, involved an animatics ballpark on three executions prior to LINK, and a review on animatic production costs. The final campaign consisted of one 15s TVC execution with 5s cut downs.


MCA advised that the proposed animatic production costs were not standard rates as they were from the agency’s in-house facility, and single bid. 

With persistence from MCA during the main shoot process, we pushed for a pre-bid meeting, where we advised the agency/marketing on a ballpark budget that was much lower than the original. We also ensured triple bids were sought.


We were able to provide savings in three areas for the client.  With the successful triple-bidding, 20% savings were realised on account budget, 30% savings from original animatics production quotation and 11% overall from final quotation to awarded bid.

Indonesia: High Level Engagement

1 TVC 15s and 5s

Animatics - Asia