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About This Project

A state-owned international airline was launching a multi-channel campaign with diverse locations and extensive deliverables across two phases, with an original production budget of €10M.

MCA was engaged as the client’s small, highly creative boutique agency was lacking the scale of in-house resource required to deliver challenging production logistics.  We were tasked with forensically evaluating the production budget across the entirety of the campaign, seeking cost efficiencies and savings without compromise of creative output.


MCA assessed the overall approach of the agency to this project. We interrogated the purchasing strategy, insurance, post production rates, music publishing, digital stakeholders, photography and print and talent strategy.  In short, every aspect of their project. 


MCA were able to identify savings of 50% against original budget.  A music publishing deal was established and we aggressively negotiated a fee structure for the buy-out of a sonic logo.  Website and digital deliverables were negotiated down to 25% of the original budget through understanding creative and delivery.  Photography/print deliverables costs were reduced through purchasing and negotiation of studio rates. Purchasing strategies for all talent, incl. buy-out thresholds and street casting delivered savings of 15%.  An additional saving of 15% was realised through continuous improvement and added value against an increased spend.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Discipline, Multi-Location

Scope of 7 x TVC, 10 x Print/OOH and 7 x digital iterations

Integrated high-budget campaign