MCA @ Cannes Lions – What A Week

MCA @ Cannes Lions – What A Week

Pat Murphy, MCA Founder and CEO; Cannes has finished and it’s been the most exhausting week, and incredible to catch up with so many people. I realised that I’ve been attending Cannes now for a very very long time and it’s changed a lot.

The big changes for me is that I have seen it very much turn into a tech conference, and I miss all the amazing craft experts from post houses, production companies and other amazingly talented creatives not just the ECD’s. In addition I think I miss more attendance from Asia and Latam.

The team at LBBonline – Little Black Book put on the most amazing beach for the week and the panel sessions for which we were lead sponsor made it a truly valuable reason to attend. We discussed AI (of course) as well as great panels on sustainability, in-housing, storytelling, humour, pitching, emerging tech, what clients want and loads more.

Thanks to all the panelists (too many to mention but you know who you are) and also to the incredible MurphyCobb team who make this kind of event fun and rewarding. To all of you, I am honoured to be working with you Cath Cimei Elderd Bolhuis Howard Pearce Steffen Gentis Tanguy Dairaine

For those who I have promised to follow up with, I’ll see you soon.

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